Being Open Minded: A Response To Matthew Vines, God And The Gay Christian (1)

One of my greatest aims in my Christian life is to be well rounded within my methodology of thinking. That is, when I study, examine, or explore a topic I take that topic from every angle. My first step is to ask myself what my underlying presuppositions are. The next step, and this is key, is to examine those presuppositions and then find literature, study, and scholarship from the opposing side.

I need to get into the head and ideology of those who oppose my views, not only to be able to defend myself against them, but to find out what their motivations and perspectives are. In this way I can truly challenge and reverse-engineer what I myself believe.

I think this is important, and feel challenged that not enough people do study in this way. It is far to easy to study those who agree with you. While this can make for careful study, it leads to unbalanced opinions and forms of argumentation.

But if you've read my blog before this shouldn't come as a surprise. I've done many a post on those who disagree with my position. I've read a good deal of the leading biblical secular scholars. I regularly study other faiths and world-views in order to understand their forms of thinking. Often seeking out Muslims, Jews, Mormons, atheists, etc., in order to create healthy, respectful dialogue.

Over the past few months I've really been challenged to take on and study the subject of homosexuality. This started nearly a year ago when I wrote my series A Christian Perspective on Homosexuality, Part 1 and Part 2. Then came the Duck Dynasty controversy and Phil Robertson's comments in a GQ interview which I wrote about here.

Finally I was challenged by a number of people on the issue that Jesus never directly addressed the issue, and subsequently wrote the post Homosexuality: "Well Jesus didn't say...".

Not long before I wrote my first series on the subject, a video was shared by a friend of mine where a speaker by the name of Matthew Vines tackled the subject from the perspective of being a homosexual (you can find that here). Although I found many of his points interesting there were some statements made that from a biblical point of view sounded like theological nails on a chalkboard.

However, I did not want to address Vines' points until I had read his book, studied his points, and checked his sources. Recently I finished his book God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships.

My following posts will look into his sources, underlie his arguments, study his methodological apologetic, and address them biblically.

It is only by assessing the perspective of those who disagree with us, that we may truly figure out whether what we ourselves believe is true. The truth is the ultimate objective, we must follow the truth at all costs.

Much study and prayer has gone into this, so I hope you will read my coming posts on the subject.


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