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So You Take The Bible Literally?

"Just as rain water comes down in drops and forms rivers, so with the Scriptures: one studies a bit today and some more tomorrow, until in time the understanding becomes like a flowing stream." - Song of Songs Midrash, Rabbah 2:8

I wanted to address a question that is a pretty common one brought up to Christians by others in discussion about the Bible. In fact, this very question was brought up in the "question and answer" part of the Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate. But since I have a habit of beating one subject to death I'd like to address this question outside of the context of that forum.

Rather, in this I want to address the frequently asked question, "do you take the Bible completely literally?"

As soon as this question is addressed you can be assured that it is being asked by someone who fits into 1 of 3 categories:

1: A person who is completely ignorant of the Bible. Never read it, never tried to understand it, most of what they know is second h…

More Post Debate Thoughts On Bill Nye & Ken Ham

This is a continuation of my post earlier this week Post Debate Thoughts on Bill Nye & Ken Ham in which I addressed the very shallow presupposition nature of the continued attack on the credibility of the Bible.

However, after re listening to some of the major parts and points made by both Ken Ham and Bill Nye and reflecting on some of the recent reading I've been doing I thought I would make a few more comments on the subject. Now once again my points quandaries and objections to anything said in the debate will not be specifically scientific. Both Ken Ham as well as Bill Nye beat me out on the subject at that point.

Not to say that I haven't addressed this subject in the past because, in my series God vs. Science I do touch on a number of scientific issues. But I do so with the background that I am not a scientist in the formal sense of the title.

On the other hand, after listening to the debate for a second time I do want to address other issues that popped up during …

God, Church And Spiritualism: A Synopsis Of The Discussion

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” - A.W. Tozer

This post is a running-conclusion. I say running because I'm not sure any of my posts are totally 'concluded', they all seem to have a running theme to them. But this one in particular I want to write as a running-conclusion of my last four series: What is the Church(1), God: Using the Force(2), A Manifesto to the Thinking Christian(3), and Secularism & Spirituality(4). 

I say this because I think the running-theme all comes down to one conclusion, that being, theology matters.The way we think matters, about God, about the church, and about our lives. How we apply our theology (thoughts about God), epistemology (thoughts about knowledge) and spirituality (thoughts about how God applies to our lives) matters.

The problem that we have as Christians, the problems that the body of Christ has as a whole, is not a new one, in fact, it is a very old one. It is the same …

Post Debate Thoughts On Bill Nye & Ken Ham

Last night I stayed up far later than my bedtime allows and listened to the (then already finished) live stream of the creation vs. evolution debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham.

Now I am not a scientist. Never have claimed to be in any way shape or form, my expertise on that issue falls as far as my hands can google the subjects. So on all the scientific truths, misnomers, facts, and interpretations I will leave that up to you to view and form opinions on. My passion lies in the realm of theology, apologetics, and biblical understanding.

What I do want to comment on was Bill Nye's direct opposition and attack of what he kept describing as "the English translation of the Bible." And at one point in the discussion made the comparison with the child's game broken telephone; where one person will start a phrase that is whispered into another person's ear and so on and so forth to the point where when it finally gets down the line the message ends up being something…