Who Am I?


Wesley Huff was born in Multan, Pakistan and spent a portion of his childhood in the Middle East. He has a BA in Sociology from York University, a Masters from Tyndale University, and is a PhD student in New Testament at the University of Toronto. While being an avid blogger, he is a contributor to the Gospel Coalition Canada, the Online Apologetics Academy, and has written numerous entries for the Melton’s Encyclopedia of American Religions (9th Ed.). Wesley has a passion for the study of the historical reliability of the Bible, focusing a great deal of both his personal and formal study on the academic field of textual criticism. After growing up in majority Muslim countries, his areas of interest also include inter-faith dialogue between Islam and Christianity, primarily in the textual histories of the Bible and Qur’an.

After being diagnosed with a rare neurological condition at the age of 11 that left him paralyzed from the waist down, Wes experienced a miraculous recovery that the doctors themselves said they had no medical explanation for. This experience, along with a great deal of study and soul searching in his later teens, is what solidified his interest in the subjects of faith, and engaging the beliefs and worldview perspectives of others. He has been participating in public dialogues on issues of faith, belief, and religion for the last six years. An avid athlete, during his undergrad he competed nationally as a varsity athlete on the York University track and field team. He enjoys canoeing, archery, and cats (although not all three at the same time). Wes lives in Toronto with his wife Melissa.