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Objections (3): On What Basis Do You Believe Jesus Rose From the Dead - Faith Doesn't Count

My third question in my series Objections is as much a philosophical, existential, and spiritual one as it is a historical question. It goes something to the tune of, "On what basis do you believe Jesus actually, physically, rose form the dead - besides blind faith, of course?" The answer: I do have faith that Jesus rose from the dead, but I think to call it blind faith would be incorrect.

I say that because I believe there is good reason to believe He did. I believe Jesus rose form the dead primarily because of the eyewitness testimony of people who knew Him and claimed to have spoken and eaten with Him days after He was publicly executed.  Testimony that was written down and has been faithfully preserved over the centuries in the book s and letters of the new Testament.

I've addressed the issue of the biblical New Testament's reliability before so I'll simply link to those at the bottom of the page. But I think our perception of what Scripture truly is has ch…

Objections (2): "How can you believe in a God who'd allow so much senseless evil and suffering?"

Either God wants to abolish evil and cannot, or He can and He does not want to. - Epicurus

There's a famous line from the prize winning play J.B., by Archibald MacLeish where two workers at a circus are having a discussion. Within the narrative of the discussion the two characters decide to act out the biblical story of Job. As the story goes on the line comes out that "If God is God, he is not good; if God is good, he is not God."

My second question in my series of Objections is one I have tackled before. That is, "how can you believe in a God who would allow so much senseless evil and suffering."

In order to not repeat myself on points I have addressed before, I will provide a link at the bottom of the page on my longer discussions on the topic. For now I want to simply say this, The character (Nickles) in the play gets it backwards: God is by nature good; if God isn't good, he isn't really God.

Or to be more accurate: if there's no good God, ther…

Objections (1): "Don't Impose Your Exclusive Views On Me!"

This is the first post of a series I've wanted to write on common objections I hear regarding the Christian world-view as a whole. I plan on making a four part series that will outline a common objection and then I will work to address that question briefly where and when I can.

Today's question can be summed up in a statement something to the tune of this: "How can you say your perspective (worldview, philosophy, ideology, etc.) on truth is any more valid than anyone else's? Truth is a personal and social construct, and it's intolerant to impose your exclusive views on me!"

The answer? While it's true that everyone has their own perspective on the truth, this fact does not follow that all perspectives are equally valid or valuable. A molecular biologist's perspective on the make-up of the human body, or a neurosurgeon's perspective on the gray stuff that makes up the inside of my skull is a much different perspective than my own. 

If anyone'…