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"If you're a praying Christian, your faith will carry you. If you are not a praying Christian you will have to carry your faith and you will get exhausted with carrying the infinite."  - Dr. Ravi Zacharias

I've been perusing C.S. Lewis' book Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer as of lately and I thought I'd share not only some of the things that Lewis talks about, but also some of the realizations the book itself has revealed to me as of late.

Lewis states at one point in the narrative that when he would talk about prayer he would often be mocked. This mocking would be something to the effect of "when you pray no one is listening, you're simply talking to yourself and it makes you feel better because you seem to believe that someone out there is listening. You're dreaming, this isn't real."

He states that, "They tell me Lord that when I pray only one voice is heard. That I am dreaming, that you are not there and this whole thing i…