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The "Lost Gospels"

"What I didn't know then," the narrator declares, "was that the Gospels are only a fraction of what we know about Jesus. In fact, over the last century, discoveries here in the Egyptian desert have revealed that in the first 400 years after Jesus' death, there were in existence more than 20 Gospels, 15 apocalypses, and nearly 50 other texts about Jesus. So why do we only know about the ones in the New Testament?"

"This is a story about a battle of words," he goes on to say, "that spread across continents but led to infamy, forgery, condemnation, and a battle in which texts fought against each other for acceptance in a fledgling faith. What was at stake was the kind of faith that Christianity turned out to be."

"If the Gospel of Peter had won out," he declares, "Christians today might believe that Jesus never died. "If the Gospel of Philip had won," he asserts, "then Mary Magdalene would have been hailed as th…

What is the "Jesus Fish"?

I recently saw an individual, a proponent of the parallelism that comes with the Jesus Myth theory, post a meme saying that the "Jesus fish" symbol was actually an ancient near eastern symbol for fertility. The premise was that the fish resembled a certain female body part. I wont re-post the meme as it was rather crude, but, I want to make it clear that that could not be farther from reality. Likewise, the real fact of the matter is not some "secret knowledge" thing, you can find this information pretty quickly on a simple google search of "Jesus fish."

 Ichthus (Ίχθύς) is Greek for fish, and was used as an acronym by the early Church:

Ίησοῦς -    Jesus
Χριστός -   Christ
Θεοῦ -        God
Υἱός -          Son
Σωτήρ -       Savior
The first letters of each word spelling "ἰχθύς" - fish.

The lingua franca of the early Christian period was Greek. Likewise, the early Christians lived under heavy and constant persecution by the Roman Empire. …

Guest Post on "Hope's Reason" Blog

I recently did a two-part guest blog-post on the apologetics forum "Hope's Reason" regarding the reliability of the biblical New Testament. You can find that post here:

Part 1:

Part  2: