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Nine Early Church Fathers Who Taught Jesus is God

My friend and fellow apologist Tim Barnett (from Stand to Reason), just published some of his research concerning the doctrine of Jesus being God. He did so after an accusation by some Jehovah's Witness friends that the doctrine had to be made-up decades, if not centuries later, and that the earliest Christian writers (the early Church Fathers) did not believe this idea themselves.

Tim writes the following...

"Many people think Emperor Constantine invented the deity of Christ in the fourth century, but a look at quotes from the early church fathers shows this is an egregious misrepresentation of the facts. In my mentoring letter this month, I offered a short list of quotations to demonstrate that the early church believed Jesus is God. Now I’d like to make the argument even stronger by offering thirty-six quotations from nine different early church fathers. All of these quotations predate the Council of Nicea..."

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Christmas in November?

Have you put your Christmas tree up? If not you might just be missing the boat... When was Jesus born in Bethlehem? The Bible tells us with certainty the fact of Jesus' birth and the place. But not the exact date. Although many Christians celebrate Christ's birthday on December 25th, it has not always been so. In fact, one of the Early Church Fathers, Clement of Alexandria (150-215 AD), speculated that Christ was in fact born on today, November 17th, 3 BC!

In the early church period there seems to have been no celebration of Jesus' birth. Instead, each Sunday was a celebration of Christ's resurrection. Easter literally every Sunday. The Jewish festivals of Passover and Pentecost continued to be celebrated by Jewish converts within the church for a time since they were closely associated with Christ's death and resurrection. In the 3rd century, some churches in the east began to celebrate January 6th as the Epiphany (the time when Christ revealed Himself to the peopl…

One of the Best Resources Concerning the Deity of Christ - HANDS

The world has very little problem accepting and affirming Jesus' human nature. From new age and secularism to Islam, the majority of the planet's world-views will acknowledge the humanity of Jesus with very little contention. It is the doctrine of his divinity that offends and threatens the hearts of individuals not willing to acknowledge the uniqueness of the man who lived 2000 years ago. At the heart of the Christian worldview is the question of Jesus and his deity. Is Jesus God? What does it mean when Christians claim that God is both three and one? Jesus is Godand the Son of God? How doe these statements all match-up, and how do they work within the larger framework of things?

The Church, from its inception, has recognized that Jesus made very specific claims about himself. Claims about who he was, what that meant for his audience, and what that meant for all of humanity. They recognized these claims and in doing so, recognized his divinity. Pliny the Younger (61-113 AD) t…